Watlington Primary School

Watlington Primary School

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Year six residential

We are on the A34 now, approximately 50 miles from Oxford. All being well, we hope to be back by 16:45. Any updates will be posted here.

Year six residential

Our bags are packed, rooms cleared and we are now heading to our final morning of activities! Everyone has had a great time.... Although some of us do feel a little tired now!

We will update the blog when we arrive back in Portsmouth and keep you updated if there are any delays on our return to school.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Year six residential

We have just had our certificate award ceremony and the children have been reflecting on their time on the residential visit....

George- "I have got one step closer to conquering my fear of heights!"

Leighm- "I've overcome my fear of heights and feeling unsafe, by doing the cat walk!"

Robert- "I overcame my fear of abseiling!!!"

Max- "climbing up the trapeze, I was scared, but I did it and I'm SO proud!"

Ethan- "I enjoyed the food!!"

Irma- "I liked the fencing!"

Charlie- "the climbing was really high but it was a big achievement getting to the top!"

Now we are off to the quiz!

Year six residential

All slept well - some even had to be woken up in time for breakfast! Some of us are off fencing now, some will be abseiling and others off to the trampolines... Then challenge course and cat walk this afternoon! All in a day's work for these year sizes!

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Year six residential

Year six residential

Year six residential

We have just arrived at the beautiful beach for our last activities of the day. All having a great time!

Year 6 residential- day 2

All slept well after a tiring day travelling and settling in yesterday. Children have all had big breakfasts - bacon and sausages all round!! Off for room inspections shortly, before starting first activities. Lovely sunny day.

Monday, 21 March 2016

The last cooking club

A huge 'well done' to all of the children who have been part of the cooking club.  We have had lots of fun, making a range of foods, ending with lots of chocolate!  

Who stole the jewels continued...

Who stole the Queen's jewels?!

Before Christmas, the Foundation Stage children wrote to Her Majesty The Queen as part of British Values Week. There was great excitement this week as a reply arrived, along with some jewels for the children to look after. Unfortunately, the jewels were stolen! And so ensued a  hunt to find the culprit. The children were inspired to write apology letters, plans for catching the burglars and crime investigation notes.  The children have not given up their search, so watch out as everyone is a suspect!

Foundation Stage encounter some dinosaurs!

The Foundation Stage children were very lucky to have a visit from two dinosaur experts on Tuesday. They helped the children learn more about dinosaurs and fossils. The children had fun using their senses to investigate a variety of dinosaur teeth, bones and claws. They even held some fossilised poo!

Thank you to Mr Holdship and Mr Green for an interesting afternoon, which has inspired many questions from the children.

Year six residential

We have safely arrived at Little Canada and the children are about to go to their rooms after their first activities!

We are on the ferry!

Year six are all VERY excited to be on the Isle of Wight ferry. Everyone smiling and laughing- and enjoying the sun on the deck!

Friday, 18 March 2016

Year 6 Residential Reminders!

The Year 6 residential is due to depart mid-morning on Monday 21st March. Please arrive at school at the normal time. We will be leaving at approximately 11:15am. The children can come in to school via the community / hall entrance, where they will be able to leave their bags. They should then go to class as normal for the first part of the morning.

  • All children must bring a large snack as well as packed lunch and drinks on Monday. The first meal that will be provided will be in the evening.
  • Please bring a drink bottle that can be used throughout the week.
  • Your children do not need to bring bedding: this is provided.
  • Any medication should be handed to members of staff, clearly labelled on Monday morning. It is VITAL you inform the school of any recent changes to your child's medical needs.
  • For those whose child's contact details / medical requirements / recent health have changed recently, please bring the form below and hand it to a member of staff on Monday morning.
  • Your child should come with suitable clothing to keep them warm and dry. Layers are good!

Finally, please be aware that the coach is due to return us to school at approximately 4.45pm on Thursday 24th March. All parents must arrange for their child to be collected at this time. You will be informed of any delays via the school blog.

We hope your child is as excited as we are! 

The Year 6 Team

Monday, 14 March 2016

Year six cake sale

The Swallows class raised a fantastic £133.00 at their cake sale last Friday! An amazing achievement. Thank you to all those who baked cakes and helped on the day. The children had a great time.

Thursday, 10 March 2016